Need Marketing Results?

Trailblazer Writing, Because Not All Copywriting Gets ResultsThere are many reasons to hire a freelance podcaster and copywriter:

  • Don’t have an in-house writer (or podcasting expert)
  • No time or expertise to do it yourself
  • Would rather spend your internal resources on something else  
  • Not enough expertise on a specific content marketing project 
  • Want to work with someone who really knows what they’re doing  

Companies aren’t spending their marketing dollars where they count most . My 4-step formula for results driven content helps you get the results you want.

 “It was money well spent.”

– Jim Beale, Hamilton Boiler Works 

My 4-step Process for Cutting Your Marketing ROI Risk

Your business may be generating leads, but are they turning into sales? This is always a risk without quality content. Getting results with content starts with goal setting. And content goals are different from business or marketing goals. 

Business goals are growth-focused. These may include attracting a certain number of new customers or generating repeat sales. Marketing goals tend to be activity-focused such as increasing website traffic. Or, generating a certain number of leads. Copywriting goals are engagement-focused. Effective copywriting helps you create an emotional bond with the prospect and help them through each stage in their buyer’s journey

But creating copy or content can be a subjective process. Clearly defined steps can help prevent your copy from going off track and ruining your ROI. My proven process helps you get you the results you want

The Content Marketing Hierarchy of Results

The Hierarchy of Results process is unique to Trailblazer Writing. If you’re goal directed and want a good ROI, it will help you get better results.

Derek Little Results Driven Copywriter