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    What Is Content Marketing?

    Free Guide – 8 Steps to Content Marketing Success

    content marketing servicesContent marketing by brands has increased 800% in the past 5 years. Many would agree it’s the most effective way to grow your business. But what is content marketing? How does it work, and how can it help you succeed?

    Most businesses get started with content marketing by adding a blog to their website. But there’s much more to creating effective content than you may realize. So besides using Case Studies, how can you harness the full power of content marketing to grow your business?

    How to Plan Your Content Marketing

    Follow these steps and you’ll be able to create highly effective content marketing with an excellent ROI.

    1. Create content with impact on the right audience
    2. Create content consistently and in a scalable manner
    3. Use tactics to maximize your content ROI
    4. Spend smart on content marketing
    5. Level 1. – Create a foundation of content
    6. Level 2. – Grow your audience
    7. Level 3. – Turn leads into sales
    8. Level 4. – Build value and get repeat sales

    1. Create Content with Impact

    Results from content marketing are cumulative. It’s critical to have an effective strategy and target audience to increase the impact of your content. Keep asking yourself the following questions (repeatedly) to increase your ROI.

    • What are my business goals?
    • What are my marketing goals?
    • What are my competitors doing and how am I different?
    • Who is my most profitable group of customers?
    • What are their needs, challenges and interests? (What do they want?)
    • What is my sales process?
    • What role will content play? What goals will it achieve?

    2. Create Consistent and Scalable Content

    Creating content consistently is necessary because marketing is cumulative. For this reason you must approach content creation systematically. There are three essential parts to consistent high-quality content production:

    • Research
    • Curation
    • Publishing

    Done intelligently and with the right tools, it’s possible to start with a small budget then gradually scale up your content production while maintaining a relatively constant ROI. There are free tools to help with this.

    PLEASE NOTE: Availability of my services may be limited due to commitments to my existing customers. Contact me in advance if possible.
    – Derek Little | CEO,

    3. Maximize Content ROI

    Nothing cuts marketing costs faster than content re-purposing. A high-quality blog can be reformatted and reused in many ways at a fraction of the original costYour cash flow can be managed by gradually adding new components to your marketing system using any of the following content formats:

    • Articles/Blogs (+custom images)
    • Newsletters
    • EBooks (+design)
    • Special Reports
    • Professional Case Studies
    • Email Marketing
    • Press Releases
    • News articles/interviews
    • Website copy and content
    • Ghostwriting

    4. Spend Smart on Content Marketing

    Content marketing results are cumulative. So, getting started sooner rather than later is better. You must implment the right strategy and execute it effectively. Here’s how you can start with a small content marketing budget, adjust your strategy and expand on your results.

    1. Build a foundation
    2. Grow your audience
    3. Turn leads into sales
    4. Build value and get repeat business

    5. Build a Foundation of Content (Level 1) 
    This solution would give you a solid content marketing plan. It would let you fine tune your marketing strategy and start creating content that magnetically attracts customers. You’d be setup to consistently develop more high-quality content. Here are the minimum requirements for such a solution.

    • Content strategy sessions to review your target audience
    • Content development platform to keep you organized
    • Buyer Persona outline for creating blogs with impact
    • Plan to collect company stories for building brand authority
    • Organizational techniques to make your content scalable
    • Blog category analysis to align your business goals with your blog content
    • High-quality blogs posts that can be re-purposed
    • Social media copy snippets to boost your visibility

    6. Grow Your Audience (Level 2)
    Once you have 4-6 blogs you can re-purpose them into an EBook or Slidedeck. Post a Slidedeck on (owned by Linkedin) and you can reach 80 million users. An EBook will let grow your email marketing list. Here are the minimum requirements for such a solution.

    • EBook strategy session to plan your blog content
    • Re-purposing of 4-6 blogs into an EBook
    • Re-purposing of 4-6 blogs into a Slidedeck (for reaching out to 80 million users on for free)
    • EBook design to attract interest
    • Email list setup to manage subscribers
    • Website Opt-in Form system (or landing page)
    • 3D EBook cover
    • Optin Form Copy (or landing page copy)

    7. Turn Leads Into Sales (Level 3)
    Most people don’t read all the content they download. A sequence of email messages will familiarize them with your content download and lead them toward an additional free offer such as a Webinar or Free Consultation. Here are the minimum requirements for such a solution.

    • Email sequence strategy session
    • 5-7 custom email messages
    • Additional content such as blogs or Case Studies
    • Free offer
    • Email autoresponder system setup

    8. Build Value and Get Repeat Sales (Level 4)
    Once a prospect has purchased your product, you’re in a position to keep building value, get repeat sales and generate referrals. A regular weekly or bi-weekly email newsletter lets you continually offer news, tips, product enhancements and more.

    Committing to strategic high-quality regular newsletter puts you on a predictable path to success. Here are the minimum requirements for such a solution.

    • Newsletter strategy and planning session
    • Naming strategy
    • Market research strategy
    • Content calendar
    • Additional content (e.g. Case studies)
    • Email newsletter content delivery system
    • Content strategy may include
      • Table of contents
      • Featured blog
      • Tips and advice
      • Question of the month
      • Customer story
      • Curated content
      • Survey
      • Poll
      • Event
      • Award
      • Announcement
      • Sales offers
    “This is exactly what I was looking for and doubly appreciate the landing page layout – kudos for that!”
    – Michael Shearer | Director Marketing Operations,

    FREE Consultation

    What is content marketingContent marketing is a powerful way to grow your business. But you need a custom solution to get results. My free consultation gives you fresh ideas for improving your content and marketing ROI. You’ll learn new strategies and techniques for attracting your targeted audience and making your business more successful.

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    Your Content Marketing System

    Marketing is the engine that drives all your other business growth systems. Content marketing is about more than just creating and publishing content. It includes the strategic and systematic use of your content and how people engage with it.

    • A = Attention
    • I = Interest
    • D = Desire
    • A = Action

    Whatever your marketing need, I offer a content marketing solution that can help. All my packages can be combined into a complete marketing system that takes your prospects through all four stages of the buyer's journey.

    Consider these solutions

    These four packages (and my website content option) help you create content, generate leads, convert leads into sales and get repeat business. Each can be customized to your unique needs, with additional options added.

    1. Monthly content bundle

    ($500-$3000 USD - monthly)

    This solution gives you a solid foundation for building a content marketing program and creating ongoing content.

    Includes a Skype strategy session, content research and curation, buyer persona development, original long articles, shorter posts, live interviews, social media copy snippets, blog image design and a marketing calendar. May include some SEO. Get a FREE Consultation. (FREE online content development platform can be provided)

    2. Lead generation solution

    ($750-$2500 USD)

    This solution includes a series of high-quality blogs based on your buyer persona that are repurposed into an EBook. Your EBook can then be used as a free offer on your website to gain opt-in subscribers and grow your email marketing list.

    Includes a Skype strategy session, quality blog articles, content repurposing, EBook design, Optin form and/or landing page copy, 3D EBook cover graphic and email list setup. Optional press release to promote offer on social media. Get a FREE Consultation. (EBook design services, FREE email list management system and recommendation for optin form can be provided.)

    3. Lead nurturing solution

    ($750-$2500 USD)

    This package contains a series of follow-up emails based on your buyer persona to be sent to prospects after they download your free EBook. These daily messages would lead opt-in subscribers through their buyers journey to a free offer such as a webinar or a free consultation.

    Includes a Skype strategy session, 5-7 sequential email messages and email autoresponder system setup. Get a FREE Consultation. (FREE email autoresponder system can be provided.)

    4. Profit growth solution

    ($750-$1500 USD Monthly)

    Most of your profit is likely to come from your existing customers since the lead generation and nurturing stages are completed. This profitable solution includes a weekly or bi-weekly email newsletter. It lets you stay in touch, send news, make offers and generate referrals.

    Newsletter content based on your buyer persona may include a table of contents, featured blog, tips and advice, question of the month, customer story, curated content, survey, poll, event, award, announcement, sales offers and more. Get a FREE Consultation. (FREE email list management system can be provided.)

    5. Website content solution

    ($250-$750 USD Per Page = 250-500 words)

    Your website is the first place everyone goes to find out all about you and your products. It's the grand central station of your marketing.

    The pages you need depend on your business goals. They may include: Products and Services pages, Capabilities/Industries, Company, About Us, Contact, Home Page, Blog, and Resources (Free Content).

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