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How to Get a Website Makeover That Actually Improves Your Results

An operation recently saved my mother’s life. She’s always been in good health, but at the age of 84 she started getting chest pains.

Her doctor told her to go straight to emergency where she underwent a heart test called an angiogram. Three blockages were found near her heart. It didn’t look good. Fortunately, a minor operation saved her from what would’ve been a far riskier one for her age. And I might have lost my biggest fan.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts – change happens when we least expect it. A recurring pain that creeps up on companies is website obsolescence. An outdated site blocks your results. Keeping it updated is critical if your site acts as your storefront, as many do. As such, it becomes the heart of your online presence. But when it no longer serves your marketing needs or meets market demand, it’s time for a Website Makeover.

Website Makeover Management

It takes a team to rebuild a website. This includes the client, the Marketing Director, project manager, designer and copywriter. Online project management tools like Slack can make it easier to manage Gig economy contractors. Now, anyone from anywhere in the world can communicate, cooperate and collaborate as part of your team.

A Website Makeover starts by examining your website goals. Do you need more leads? More brand authority? What about expressing your company culture to attract top talent? Or, maybe your existing customers need more support? To answer these questions, more questions must be asked; Who’s coming to your site? Where are they coming from? Why are they going there? What do they want and what’s the best way to engage them?

Refreshing Your Web Copy

A good first step prior to writing the copy is a Website Copy Assessment. Here, members of your project team including you and your copywriter review your Content Plan and Creative Brief. Reference websites are used to zero in on the right content, structure and tone. This minimizes scope creep and helps your copywriter reach their milestones.

Next, your copywriter follows the agreed upon plan and uses best practices to write each page. These may include your product page, industries page, resources, homepage, landing pages and others. Check my book on B2B copywriting best practices for tips on creating web page content.

Hiring the Best

The doctor warned my mom before the operation there would be risks. Thankfully, her medical team were well-trained professionals. This greatly reduced the chance of anything going wrong. The chief surgeon later told her that if she survived the operation, she’d live to be 100. He also proudly added that he had saved her a major heart operation. I’ll never forget how happy she was the operation went so well.

Your website may only need some new copy. But my advice is to hire the best. Why? Your website is the heart of your online presence. It touches every part of your business in some way. Done right, it’ll wow your visitors and grow your business for years to come. Done wrong, well… why take unnecessary risks? Get a Website Makeover.

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"The traditional concept of growth hacking where you build tools and experiences to generate a large audience is coming to B2B."

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“Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs.”

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